Stranded: A Dirty Coin Short

In a world where energy sources remain untapped and electricity goes to waste, "Stranded" takes viewers on a gripping journey into the heart of Bitcoin mining, revealing the ingenious solution that not only fuels the cryptocurrency but also reclaims wasted energy.

"Stranded" explores the untold story of Bitcoin miners who've uncovered a way to harness stranded electricity, transforming it into Bitcoin. This short film offers a captivating introduction to the feature documentary "Dirty Coin."

Set against the backdrop of remote power plants and forgotten energy infrastructure, "Stranded" introduces us to a community of forward-thinkers who saw an opportunity where others saw neglect. They harnessed the excess electricity, initially considered unusable, and redirected it towards the complex calculations that underlie the Bitcoin network. As the digital currency accumulates in their digital wallets, they simultaneously breathe new life into these abandoned power sources.

It offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of Bitcoin mining and serves as the perfect precursor to the full-length feature documentary, "Dirty Coin," which dives even deeper into the complex ecosystem of cryptocurrency and its environmental impact.

Originally posted September 19, 2023.

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