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Is DIRTY COIN "anti-Bitcoin"?

No. On the contrary, DIRTY COIN explores the misunderstood aspects of Bitcoin mining, particularly the energy usage debate. Proof of work is essential for creating money that is secure and immutable - the film aims to educate viewers on why Bitcoin's energy consumption is a necessary and positive aspect of its design; leveraging wasted or "stranded" energy, and providing capital for new, clean energy projects in poor communities which could normally not afford it.

How can I support the project?

You can support the film and documentary project through our Geyser campaign, sponsoring an event, purchasing a license for a private screening, or buying our merch. You can also spread the word on social media platforms like Twitter, Nostr and LinkedIn!

How is DIRTY COIN related to STRANDED?

STRANDED is a short documentary that focuses on how Bitcoin mining leverages stranded energy sources, often cleaning up the environment using methods like methane mitigation. It served as a proof-of-concept for the longer, feature-length documentary film which became DIRTY COIN.

When and where can I watch DIRTY COIN?

DIRTY COIN is *completed* and currently screening at film festivals around the world! Dates for general theatrical releases, streaming, and physical media are coming soon. Until then, the film is being shown to limited audiences, including sales agents, distributors, and other private screenings. If you would like to get access to a private screening or find out when DIRTY COIN will be at a film festival near you, please contact us.

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