Screening in Bracknell | July 1, 2024

Hey everyone,

I'm excited to share the highlights from our "Dirty Coin" screening in Bracknell! This event marked our UK premiere and was made possible by the incredible support of Renewablox. They took the lead and created an unforgettable experience for their local bitcoin community.

Renewablox ensured everything ran smoothly, making it a great night for all. They had lively discussions after the screening and engaged deeply with the film's themes. 

Check out this highlight video edited by Renewablox to relive the best moments of the night.

Thank you to Renewablox for making our UK premiere a success and to everyone who joined us in Bracknell. Stay tuned for updates on our next screenings like Nashville coming up on July 24, 2024!

Alana Mediavilla

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