Filmmaker Alana Mediavilla on Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption, Education, and Closing the Gender Gap

From the article in Bitcoin Magazine:

Alana Mediavilla is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, business owner, filmmaker and Bitcoiner. She has a hell of a resume and a passion for storytelling. Armed with her knowledge of Bitcoin and skillset, Mediavilla decided to film and produce the documentary '
Dirty Coin', which highlights the value of Bitcoin mining while simultaneously busting the theory that Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment.

It was a privilege to hear her story and I know you will find her passion for Bitcoin inspiring.

What is your professional background?

I've been an artist and entrepreneur my whole life. Couldn't help it. Started my production company in Silicon Valley 11 years ago and got recruited to be a video producer at Google Cloud for almost five years while I moonlit still running my creative agency for other big tech folks..."

Read the rest of the article by Rebecca Bratcher here.

Originally posted May 30, 2023.

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