Alana Interviewed on The Street

From the article on The Street:

In a recent roundtable discussion led by Rob Nelson, the anchor of the Roundtable, Alana Mediavilla, the director of the movie "Dirty Coin," delved deep into the nuances of Bitcoin. Through her forthcoming documentary, Mediavilla seeks to address the widespread misconceptions associated with Bitcoin and its reputation as a 'dirty coin' due to its energy consumption and alleged role in facilitating illegal activities.

Nelson kicked off the conversation, posing an inquiry about the big-picture theme of Mediavilla's film. He stated, "You among many other things are the director of a movie called Dirty Coin. It's all about Bitcoin, which has a reputation being a dirty coin, relating to energy and politics in the US. Tell me about the movie, high level, big picture, what it's about, where you're at with it."

Mediavilla, who has spent the last year filming around the world and visiting Bitcoin mining locations, responded by saying, "The billions of dollars that these miners put into energy, they're putting it into electricity that nobody else wants to buy because they chase the cheapest electricity. What that means is that it brings capital to energy markets that don't have competition, that's why the energy is cheap. It is basically financing grids and electrical infrastructure in places that there was really no customer before, It's really interesting."

Read the article and watch the video here.

Originally posted on June 21, 2023.

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